Voting goes public for Mr Gay UK 2001

For the first time ever the winner of Mr Gay UK 2001 was decided by the public 

Instead of a bevy of celebrities, the winner of Mr Gay UK 2001 was decided by a phone vote that was open to everyone. The fifteen finalists appeared on stage at London's Mardi Gras on 30th June where an audience of an estimated 85,000 cast an approving look over them all. 

Their photographs then appeared in the gay press, complete with a phone number that members of the public could call to register their vote for their personal favourite. Not only that, but the boys themselves were out canvassing for support as they took part in the Pride Parade as well as meeting the people in the park before taking to the stage. 

Later, on the 25th August at Manchester's Gayfest, the boys once again were on hand throughout the day to rally their supporters and meet the crowds. As the evening progressed, and with all votes counted, the boys arrived on stage where the winner of Mr Gay UK 2001 - Carl Austin from Manchester - was crowned Mr Gay UK 2001 and received the title from outgoing champ Harry French. 

It was an oportunity for more people than ever to take part in this little piece of gay history. Readers from all the gay magazines and free papers, together with those who attended both huge gay events cast their vote and became involved in this annual competition to find Mr Gay UK.