Leicester Pride

Mark will be one of the main celebrity guests at this weekends Leicester Pride weekend ...duties will include..... 

(a) do an autograph signing session in the Rainbow and Dove marquee on at the Pride Festival on the park (during the afternoon for 1 hour) 

(b) do a "stars behind the bar" session at the pub for one hour (apparently this is something that they occassionally do - partly because their venue is always so packed with customers, there is literally no where else for the stars to go except behind the bar.) 

also involve serving some drinks -- but under the watchful eye of the resident . The capacity of the pub is about 300 to 400 people when fully packed. 

In terms of Mark's appearance on the stage at the Pride Festival that would be from 5.15 to 5.45 p.m. comparing the prizes and being involved in the judging of the Drag King and Queen competition. 

link to www.leicesterpride.co.uk