Heat Winners 2008

Mr GAY UK 2008 Birmingham
22 March 2008 - Nightingale, Birmaingham Name: Will Bate Age: 25 Job: IT Like: Boys Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: Fit boy in Trackies 2nd Place: Harry Shakespeare 3rd Place: Dan Knott

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Hull
23 March 2008 - Fuel, Hull Name: Nicky Sherburn Age:20 Job: Barman Like: Gym, swimming, music Dislikes: Sexiest dream: Jessey Metcalf as personal gardner 2nd Place: Dom 3rd Place: Jamie Lewis

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Sheffield
29 March 2008 - Affinity, Sheffield Name: MC 2nd Place: James Evans 3rd Place: Joe Martin

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Burnley
30 March 2008 - Guys as Dolls, Burnley Name: Jonathan M Age: 29 Job: Fitness instructor Like: Music Dislikes: Arrogant people Sexiest dream: foam party with all MrGayUK former winners 2nd Place: Dom Rogers 3rd Place: Peter Moore

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Belfast
06 April 2008 - Kremlyn, Belfast Mr Belfast Winner Name: Dee Dargan Age: 25 Job: Event Co-Ordinator Like: Gym, Partying, Madness Dislikes: Sexiest dream: 3Sum with Di Caprio and Matt Damon

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Derby
12 April 2008 - Curzons, Derby Mr Derby Winner Name: Kieran Young Age: 19 Job: Lab Technician Like: Drinking and Partying Dislikes: Nothing... Loves Everything Sexiest Dream: Night In Paris

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Edinburgh
17 April 2008 - GHQ, Edinburgh Mr Edinburgh Winner Name: Taha Ibnslimane Age: 26 Job: Businessman Like: Sports Dislikes: Rain Sexiest dream: any one that end with a wet patch

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Glassgow
18 April 2008 - Bennetts, Glassgow Mr Glasgow Winner Name: Davie Henderson Age: 23 Job: Royal Navy Like: Tattoo on my wrist Dislikes: Homophobes Sexiest dream: Having sex in public place

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Dundee
19 April 2008 - Out Nightclub, Dundee Mr Dundee Winner Name: Stephen Watson Age: 21 Job: Hair Stylist Like: Socializing Dislikes: Hairy Men Sexiest dream: Winning Mr Gay UK

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Sunderland
22 April 2008 - Glass Spider, Sunderland Mr Sunderland Winner Name: Chris Boyce Age: 19 Job: ? Like: Snowboarding Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: being an actor

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Luton
26 April 2008 - Flame, Luton Mr Luton Winner Name: Dwaine Keenan Age: 27 Job: Banker Like: Banking Dislikes: Choccolate Sexiest dream: Jessie Metcalf

Mr GAY UK 2008 Brighton
27 April 2008 - ClubRevenge, Brighton Mr Brighton Winner Name: Christopher Parsons Age: 23 Job: Barman/Dancer Like: Nights Out Dislikes: BO Sexiest dream: Police Officers

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Barnsley
29 April 2008 - Livingstons, Barnsley Mr Barnsley Winner Name: Lee Porro Age: 22 Job: Support Worker Like: Horses Dislikes: Nothing Sexiest dream: A Gay Orgy

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Leeds
01 May 2008 - Mission, Leeds Mr Leeds Winner Name: James Matthews Age: 21 Job: Student Like: Sports Dislikes: RnB Music Sexiest dream: Colin Farrell

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Exeter
06 May - Boxes on Tuesday, Exeter Mr Exeter Winner Name: Aarron Tootell Age: 21 Job: Civil Servant Like: Men and Music Dislikes: Violence Sexiest Dream: A week in bed with Wentworth Miller

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Liverpool
09 May 2008 - SuperStar Boudoir, Liverpool Liverpool Winner Name: Paul Curran Age: 26 Job: Sports Coach Like: Sex and Gymnastics Dislikes: Shallow People Sexiest Dream: Car Mechanic

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Plymouth
10 May 2008 - Zeros, Plymouth Plymouth Winner Name: Jack age: 21 Job: Hairdresser Like: Love boys but men more Dislikes: People who dont understand Gay men sexiest dream: Last years winner in bed with me

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Cardiff
14 May 2008 - Pulse Café Bar, Cardiff Cardiff Winner Name: Dino Fabian Gamecho Age: 19 Job: Salesman Like: Britney Spears Dislikes: Bad Breath Sexiest dream: Jake Gyllenhal

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Newcastle
16 May 2008 - Powerhouse, Newcastle Newcastle Winner Name: Jon Carter Age: 26 Job: Management Consultent Like: Mixed race boys Dislikes: Winter Sexiest dream: Footballers changing room

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Woking, Surry
17 May 2008 - Quake Nightclub, Woking, Surry Woking winner @ Quake Name: Rod McKensie Age: 21 Job: Inbetween Like: Romantic nights with a bottle of wine (?) Dislikes: Rainy days and Mondays

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Swindon
23 May 2008 - The Pink Rooms, Swindon Name: Cameron Cottrell Age: 22 Job: Customer Service Like: My Boyfriend Dislikes: The BNP Sexiest dream: Getting with Sean member of the Gay UK Team

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Blackpool
30 May 2008 - The Flamingo, Blackpool Name: David Price Age: 20 Job: sales consultant Like: Gym, Holidays and Nights In Dislikes: getting out of bed in the morning Sexiest dream: Stuck in a lift with Jake Gyllenhaal

Mr GAY UK 2008 Bristol
31 May 2008 - Queen Shilling, Bristol Name: Terry Clarke Age: 24 Job: Mental Heath Nurse Like: Going out with Friends Dislikes: Nothing Sexiest dream: Cowboy Style Dreams

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Chelmsford
08 June 2008 - G Sunday's @ Chicago Rock Cafe, Chelmsford Mr Chelmsford Winner Name: John Anthony Dewey Age: 22 Job: Market Trader Like: Dancing, Gym and Theatre Dislikes: Violence and Cruelty to animals Sexiest dream: Has actually come true!

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Derry
07 June 2008 - Pepes Bar and Angel's Club, Derry Mr Derry Winner Name: Mark Duncan Age: 28 Job: Accountant Like: Hot Sex and Shopping Dislikes: Insects Sexiest dream: In bed with Darrell lol

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Manchester
27 June 2008 - Cruz101, Manchester Mr Manchester Heat Winner Name: Mark Goodband Age: 20 Job: Bar Staff Like: Sex, films and dance music Dislikes: Sushi Sexiest dream: Sex in Rugby changing room,

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Wakefield
04 July 2008 - The New Union, Wakefield Mr Wakefield Heat Winner Name: Paul Spurr Age: 25 Job: Shop Assistant Like: Boys Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: Fit boy in Trackies

Mr Gay UK 2008 Grand Final

Mr Gay UK 2008 Grand Final 

The hottest year so far 

This year we are excited to be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the contest as part of Manchester Pride weekend. 

The 30 hot finalists from around the UK will join a host of celebrity guests at The Ritz , Whitworth St, Manchester on Friday 22nd August. 

Take advantage of our Earlybird offer of half price entry for the first 200 tickets purchased. Normal ticket prices are £10 in advance or more on the door. 

Visit www.ticketweb.co.uk now to grab this offer and guarantee your place. 

Doors open at 10pm and the final will be broadcast live on Gaydio.co.uk or 87.7FM in Manchester 

To view the finalists and for details of how to vote for your favourite visitwww.MrGayUK.co.uk

Dino Gamecho Mr Gay UK 2008

It’s been a weekend of celebrations and partying in Manchester which began with a fantastic day on Friday to mark the 15th anniversary of the Mr Gay UK contest. 

The excitement started at 11am when all the contestants arrived at the venue, the Ritz Ballroom, Manchester and came face to face with their competition for the first time. 

I’m always surprised how great they look, and how different from when you first meet them months earlier at their regional heat. Their bodies are toned and muscular from all the hours they’ve put it at the gym, their tans perfected and not a hair out of place. 

Manchester was buzzing already, as thousands of people flocked to the city for the Pride weekend which is one of the most popular events on the gay calendar. 

The cameras were following me and my partner Michael all day and all night as part of the documentary being filmed about us, so there was more pressure than usual to ensure the event was a huge success. I’ve never had my make up touched up so often! 

After a couple of hours, I forgot the cameras were even around, but I’m a bit worried about the scenes they filmed of me with all the contestants in the gym in the afternoon " I tried to keep up with them anyway. 

There was no time for a break even when rehearsals were over as we’d organised a parade through the city with all the boys. Then I dashed back to the venue to meet up with the celebrity guests for their rehearsals. 

Co-hosting the show with me was the fabulous Jane McDonald, the Loose Woman who has been back on our TV screens over the last couple of weeks in ‘Return to the cruise’ which re-visited the programme which shot her to fame back in the 90’s. 

Her new album was released last week too, and she admitted to me that she’s overwhelmed it’s reached number 7 in the charts already. 

I love Jane to bits, she’s a down to earth northern girl who is proud of her roots but she is extremely talented at what she does. 
She’s no stranger to hosting Mr Gay UK as she did it 9 years ago and was fabulous which is why I invited her back for this special anniversary. 

We only managed to run through our script together once before we went on stage, and I can’t believe how fantastic and natural she is , so spontaneous and witty, perfect for the crowds, many of whom had come along just to see her. 

One guy was in tears at the front, as he sang along with her. She performed 2 songs halfway through the show, and didn’t even have a break to touch up her lipstick! 

A true professional, and the contestants and audience loved her. I was delighted that she’d brought along her boyfriend, Eddie Rothe, who was the drummer in The Searchers and Liquid Gold who we all ‘danced ourselves dizzy’ to decades ago. 

He’s a lovely guy too and they make a great couple " I’m hoping when they tie the knot I’ll get an invite… 

Our celebrity judging panel this year included loved up couple Luke and Rebecca from this year’s big brother. He is very camp, and told me that most people think he’s gay, but looking at the body language between him and Rebecca that’s definitely not the case. They are very loved up, and went down a storm with the audience. 

They were joined by Aled Haydn Jones, the gay Producer of Chris Moyles’ breakfast show on Radio 1. He was driving home early the next day to attend the wedding of Chris’s sidekick Comedy Dave, but said he wouldn’t miss our contest for the world. 

80’s pop and fashion icon Steve Strange, Corrie mechanic turned stripper Scott Wright and Bent Magazine Features Editor Adam Lowe also had the difficult job of picking a winner. 

2 of my friends from Hollyoaks the actors Kieran Richardson and Dominque Jackson also came along but Hollyoaks wouldn’t allow Kieran to be a judge as even though he’s gay he plays a straight character. 

The 19 contestants first appeared on stage dressed in fantasy wear, which ranged from a welsh rugby player to soldiers,sailors and even James Bond. 

Their second round was swimwear, and the crowd went wild as the guys strutted their stuff in hotblood trunks - I had to wipe Jane's forehead to calm her down after she'd interviewed them all! 

The tension was building backstage as the contestants waited for the judges scores to be counted then they were called back on for the big announcement. I had a few favourites including Will Bate from Birmingham but of course I have to remain impartial. 

3rd Place was announced - Davie Henderson the cute sailor from Glasgow, followed by the runner up, John Dewey from Chelmsford - both great looking guys. 

Then my partner Michael appeared on stage with Luke and Bex and the gold envelope containing the name everyone wanted to know - the winner is... 

Dino Gamecho from Cardiff - our first ever Welsh winner. He couldn’t believe it and was genuinely shocked as he turned to me to ask ‘ is it really me?’ 

I think it was his welsh rugby players outfit and the perfect backflip he’d done on stage which had helped him to the title but he is definitely a popular winner. 

I'm delighted too as I have to work closely with the winner. Along with the cash he won, he'll have a photo shoot in Morocco, a holiday to the Canaries courtesy of Jet2 and be the face of Red Army aftershave. 

It was the most amazing night and it’s going to be a memorable year for Dino, congratulations Mr Gay UK 2008.


With thanks to Jet2Holidays.com who are providing a fantastic prize to the Winner.

MR GAY UK - Hey guys how's it going?

Had a completely mental month so far!
Last year, when I won the Mr Gay UK competition, part of my prize was a holiday in Tenerife. Well I have been so busy since that fateful day that I’ve only just got around to taking that trip to the Canaries. It was totally awesome. My best friend, Goose and I had so much fun. It was lush and hot – 37 degrees one day but we chilled loads by the beach and enjoyed all the lovely restaurants and bars. If you’ve never been, Tenerife is quite a holiday destination if you want to take things easy, but not as
in-yer-face as Gran Canaria but definitely a place not just for relaxing cos there’s plenty to do. Apart from trekking to the top of the island’s extinct volcano Mount Teide, giving a view that is just fantastic, we also took a day out on a quad bike. Hell,
those things are fun and we got absolutely filthy as the off road tracks lived up to their name… but it was hilarious. My favourite day by far was our trip to Siam Park – Europe’s biggest water park! I’m such a thrill seeker, so the gravity defying slides were right up my alley, which oddly enough is where your shorts end up once you hit the water at force… right up the bum.! Just to show my softer side, we also went to Lorro Parque and saw orcas, sea lions, dolphins and loads of other animals… Aaah! I’d like to say thank you to all the staff at Jet2holidays.com who donated the
prize for such a wicked holiday. Then it was back to rainy London… it is nice to be home but things just don’t stop. Me and two of my best friends; Matty and Cath went to the Brixton 02 academy to see Lady Gaga. She was absolutely amazing! I was so shocked when I heard her slow rendition of ‘Pokerface’ – what a voice! I didn’t know the girl had such a pair of lungs on her – I was genuinely very impressed!

Summer’s been great so far! Me and my friends made the best of the nice weather we had and went down to the notorious ponds in Hampstead Heath for a swim – it was really fun!

In between all that my drama course is building up to a grand finale. I’m in rehearsals with a play which we’re taking to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it’s called ‘Black Swans’. Out of thousands of plays being shown only a select few have been chosen for the press release and ours is one of them! Come up and see us! I’ll be there from the 20th – 30th August! We’d really appreciate all your support!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
Lots of love