Heat Winners 2008

Mr GAY UK 2008 Birmingham
22 March 2008 - Nightingale, Birmaingham Name: Will Bate Age: 25 Job: IT Like: Boys Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: Fit boy in Trackies 2nd Place: Harry Shakespeare 3rd Place: Dan Knott

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Hull
23 March 2008 - Fuel, Hull Name: Nicky Sherburn Age:20 Job: Barman Like: Gym, swimming, music Dislikes: Sexiest dream: Jessey Metcalf as personal gardner 2nd Place: Dom 3rd Place: Jamie Lewis

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Sheffield
29 March 2008 - Affinity, Sheffield Name: MC 2nd Place: James Evans 3rd Place: Joe Martin

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Burnley
30 March 2008 - Guys as Dolls, Burnley Name: Jonathan M Age: 29 Job: Fitness instructor Like: Music Dislikes: Arrogant people Sexiest dream: foam party with all MrGayUK former winners 2nd Place: Dom Rogers 3rd Place: Peter Moore

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Belfast
06 April 2008 - Kremlyn, Belfast Mr Belfast Winner Name: Dee Dargan Age: 25 Job: Event Co-Ordinator Like: Gym, Partying, Madness Dislikes: Sexiest dream: 3Sum with Di Caprio and Matt Damon

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Derby
12 April 2008 - Curzons, Derby Mr Derby Winner Name: Kieran Young Age: 19 Job: Lab Technician Like: Drinking and Partying Dislikes: Nothing... Loves Everything Sexiest Dream: Night In Paris

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Edinburgh
17 April 2008 - GHQ, Edinburgh Mr Edinburgh Winner Name: Taha Ibnslimane Age: 26 Job: Businessman Like: Sports Dislikes: Rain Sexiest dream: any one that end with a wet patch

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Glassgow
18 April 2008 - Bennetts, Glassgow Mr Glasgow Winner Name: Davie Henderson Age: 23 Job: Royal Navy Like: Tattoo on my wrist Dislikes: Homophobes Sexiest dream: Having sex in public place

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Dundee
19 April 2008 - Out Nightclub, Dundee Mr Dundee Winner Name: Stephen Watson Age: 21 Job: Hair Stylist Like: Socializing Dislikes: Hairy Men Sexiest dream: Winning Mr Gay UK

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Sunderland
22 April 2008 - Glass Spider, Sunderland Mr Sunderland Winner Name: Chris Boyce Age: 19 Job: ? Like: Snowboarding Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: being an actor

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Luton
26 April 2008 - Flame, Luton Mr Luton Winner Name: Dwaine Keenan Age: 27 Job: Banker Like: Banking Dislikes: Choccolate Sexiest dream: Jessie Metcalf

Mr GAY UK 2008 Brighton
27 April 2008 - ClubRevenge, Brighton Mr Brighton Winner Name: Christopher Parsons Age: 23 Job: Barman/Dancer Like: Nights Out Dislikes: BO Sexiest dream: Police Officers

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Barnsley
29 April 2008 - Livingstons, Barnsley Mr Barnsley Winner Name: Lee Porro Age: 22 Job: Support Worker Like: Horses Dislikes: Nothing Sexiest dream: A Gay Orgy

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Leeds
01 May 2008 - Mission, Leeds Mr Leeds Winner Name: James Matthews Age: 21 Job: Student Like: Sports Dislikes: RnB Music Sexiest dream: Colin Farrell

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Exeter
06 May - Boxes on Tuesday, Exeter Mr Exeter Winner Name: Aarron Tootell Age: 21 Job: Civil Servant Like: Men and Music Dislikes: Violence Sexiest Dream: A week in bed with Wentworth Miller

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Liverpool
09 May 2008 - SuperStar Boudoir, Liverpool Liverpool Winner Name: Paul Curran Age: 26 Job: Sports Coach Like: Sex and Gymnastics Dislikes: Shallow People Sexiest Dream: Car Mechanic

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Plymouth
10 May 2008 - Zeros, Plymouth Plymouth Winner Name: Jack age: 21 Job: Hairdresser Like: Love boys but men more Dislikes: People who dont understand Gay men sexiest dream: Last years winner in bed with me

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Cardiff
14 May 2008 - Pulse Café Bar, Cardiff Cardiff Winner Name: Dino Fabian Gamecho Age: 19 Job: Salesman Like: Britney Spears Dislikes: Bad Breath Sexiest dream: Jake Gyllenhal

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Newcastle
16 May 2008 - Powerhouse, Newcastle Newcastle Winner Name: Jon Carter Age: 26 Job: Management Consultent Like: Mixed race boys Dislikes: Winter Sexiest dream: Footballers changing room

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Woking, Surry
17 May 2008 - Quake Nightclub, Woking, Surry Woking winner @ Quake Name: Rod McKensie Age: 21 Job: Inbetween Like: Romantic nights with a bottle of wine (?) Dislikes: Rainy days and Mondays

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Swindon
23 May 2008 - The Pink Rooms, Swindon Name: Cameron Cottrell Age: 22 Job: Customer Service Like: My Boyfriend Dislikes: The BNP Sexiest dream: Getting with Sean member of the Gay UK Team

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Blackpool
30 May 2008 - The Flamingo, Blackpool Name: David Price Age: 20 Job: sales consultant Like: Gym, Holidays and Nights In Dislikes: getting out of bed in the morning Sexiest dream: Stuck in a lift with Jake Gyllenhaal

Mr GAY UK 2008 Bristol
31 May 2008 - Queen Shilling, Bristol Name: Terry Clarke Age: 24 Job: Mental Heath Nurse Like: Going out with Friends Dislikes: Nothing Sexiest dream: Cowboy Style Dreams

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Chelmsford
08 June 2008 - G Sunday's @ Chicago Rock Cafe, Chelmsford Mr Chelmsford Winner Name: John Anthony Dewey Age: 22 Job: Market Trader Like: Dancing, Gym and Theatre Dislikes: Violence and Cruelty to animals Sexiest dream: Has actually come true!

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Derry
07 June 2008 - Pepes Bar and Angel's Club, Derry Mr Derry Winner Name: Mark Duncan Age: 28 Job: Accountant Like: Hot Sex and Shopping Dislikes: Insects Sexiest dream: In bed with Darrell lol

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Manchester
27 June 2008 - Cruz101, Manchester Mr Manchester Heat Winner Name: Mark Goodband Age: 20 Job: Bar Staff Like: Sex, films and dance music Dislikes: Sushi Sexiest dream: Sex in Rugby changing room,

    Mr GAY UK 2008 Wakefield
04 July 2008 - The New Union, Wakefield Mr Wakefield Heat Winner Name: Paul Spurr Age: 25 Job: Shop Assistant Like: Boys Dislikes: Girls Sexiest dream: Fit boy in Trackies