With thanks to who are providing a fantastic prize to the Winner.

MR GAY UK - Hey guys how's it going?

Had a completely mental month so far!
Last year, when I won the Mr Gay UK competition, part of my prize was a holiday in Tenerife. Well I have been so busy since that fateful day that I’ve only just got around to taking that trip to the Canaries. It was totally awesome. My best friend, Goose and I had so much fun. It was lush and hot – 37 degrees one day but we chilled loads by the beach and enjoyed all the lovely restaurants and bars. If you’ve never been, Tenerife is quite a holiday destination if you want to take things easy, but not as
in-yer-face as Gran Canaria but definitely a place not just for relaxing cos there’s plenty to do. Apart from trekking to the top of the island’s extinct volcano Mount Teide, giving a view that is just fantastic, we also took a day out on a quad bike. Hell,
those things are fun and we got absolutely filthy as the off road tracks lived up to their name… but it was hilarious. My favourite day by far was our trip to Siam Park – Europe’s biggest water park! I’m such a thrill seeker, so the gravity defying slides were right up my alley, which oddly enough is where your shorts end up once you hit the water at force… right up the bum.! Just to show my softer side, we also went to Lorro Parque and saw orcas, sea lions, dolphins and loads of other animals… Aaah! I’d like to say thank you to all the staff at who donated the
prize for such a wicked holiday. Then it was back to rainy London… it is nice to be home but things just don’t stop. Me and two of my best friends; Matty and Cath went to the Brixton 02 academy to see Lady Gaga. She was absolutely amazing! I was so shocked when I heard her slow rendition of ‘Pokerface’ – what a voice! I didn’t know the girl had such a pair of lungs on her – I was genuinely very impressed!

Summer’s been great so far! Me and my friends made the best of the nice weather we had and went down to the notorious ponds in Hampstead Heath for a swim – it was really fun!

In between all that my drama course is building up to a grand finale. I’m in rehearsals with a play which we’re taking to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it’s called ‘Black Swans’. Out of thousands of plays being shown only a select few have been chosen for the press release and ours is one of them! Come up and see us! I’ll be there from the 20th – 30th August! We’d really appreciate all your support!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
Lots of love