Londonderry Heat Winner

Daniel Mallett takes Londonderry by storm, as he goes in and takes the title of Mr Gay Derry!

Daniel is a 20 year old Hairdresser from Derry who likes the outdoors, gym, and socialising... He also likes animals, and rain!

Daniel dislikes seaweed, the noise that a microwave makes when its finished, ignorance and snow

Daniel doesn't have a claim to fame, but he would love to be famous!

His role model is his Mum, she raised him and sculpted him into what he is today and he owes her everything

The best moment of Daniels life was when he came out to his parents and they accepted him for who he was

The worst moment in his life was when he had to stay awake and watch having minor surgery on his head

Daniel struggled trying to answer his sexiest dream, he would say it would be the imaginary man of his dreams comes knocking at his door in the middle of the night pouring rain, drags me into the middle of the street, we kiss he strips me and he'll let your imagination work out the rest...