Newcastle Heat Winner

Nik Chapman took the title of MrGay Newcastle on Friday 23rd in Powerhouse Club!

There was a lot of competition, with the place being rammed full of sexy hunks, but Nik took it!

Nik is a 25 year old Bar Manager from Sunderland, who likes going to the gym, people watching, the Sun (not the newspaper!), and loves his ridiculously fast cars!

Nik dislikes liquid cod liver oil (don't ever try it!), bad drivers, slow walking people, and bad spellers!

Nik's claim to fame is that he has touched all of JLS

Nik's role model is a close friend who had cancer, he had a tumor the size of a rugby ball in his stomach, but he never stopped smiling, never gave up and is now on the road to recovery

His best moment in life was when he bought a pair of pink jeans, which he later stained

The worst moment of Nik's life was when he got pulled over by the police for dangerous driving! He said "I was doing my hair in the rear view mirror, oooooops"

Nik didn't have enough space to describe his sexiest dream on his entry form, so use your wildest imagination!

Nik will be visiting the MrGayUK HQ, for a full makeover and photoshoot!